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a day in the life

first year

8:00am – Get up after snoozing my alarm for many times. Get ready quickly and breakfast is a must even if it means just a cup of coffee or a bowl of porridge, to jump-start my day.


8:40am – Start brisk-walking (it takes 28mins to walk according to google map) from Bankside House (a LSE student accommodation) to LSE.


9:00am – Arrive at LSE for my Criminal Lecture at Clement House. I usually use Microsoft OneNote to make notes during lectures, as it will synchronise automatically to my outlook account, which means I can access to it using any electronic devices.


10:00am – I will go to my criminal class, where we will be discussing about the topic from last week and normally answering few problem questions.


11:00am – Read for a bit at the study room in Old Building & then Grab lunch!


12:00pm – 2 hours LSE100 lecture. A copy of lecture slide will be given before you go into the lecture hall.


1:00pm –  Pilate class at SU Building. It is a good way to release unnecessary tension in our bodies and helps us to find ease in the rest of our lives.


2:00pm – Go to the Central atrium on Ground Floor New Building, where I meet my group of friends. We always chill or share our snacks during this hour because we simply love snacking.


3:00pm – Off to Public lecture on LG floor, at New Building as well.


4:00pm – Head to the library to read before I go home, normally for my property class tomorrow or some unfinished work from last week.


6:00pm – It takes me longer to walk home as I always like to have a relaxing walk home after a long day!


6:30pm – Dinner at Bankside! Food at Bankside is actually delicious! I spend quite a long time at dinner because this is the time where I meet most of my friends who are doing different courses at LSE.


7:30pm – Have a refreshing shower, spend time at my friend’s or even have some me time!


8.30pm – Do some work in the computer room at Bankside or my room. In between, I would go to the bar next to the computer room to play pool. It really depends how much work I have.


12:00am – Sleep!

second year

8:00am - Get up after snoozing my alarm a couple of times. Get ready quickly and then catch the tube to Holborn, cursing rush hour


9:00am - Arrive at LSE for my EU class, where we’ll discuss this week’s topic and then think about a past paper question


10:00am - Go to the library and finish my Intellectual Property reading for my seminar later


1:00pm - Grab lunch with a friend because it’s Monday Madness at The Old Dutch which means half price pancakes!


2:00pm - Intellectual Property seminar. We discuss last week’s lecture and introduce the new topic in a mini-lecture


4:00pm - Go to the Garrick Café with a friend from IP to wait for an hour, which we spend complaining about the coming week and then do a reading or two.


5:00pm - Off to the Hong Kong Theatre for our Trust Law lecture, where we spend the first hour discussing the law for that week’s topic then get a small break, before learning the theory and critical debate


7:00pm - Done with law for the day, I head to the model UN training session for the WorldMUN delegation


9:00pm - Maybe go to the social following training but more often grab some food near Holborn then head to the tube to go home


9.30pm - Depending on how much work I have, do some work or maybe put on a movie to relax after a long day


12:00am - Sleep!

third year

9:00am – I wake up and start getting ready for my day. I have an in-class essay this afternoon for Jurisprudence and so I review my notes and have some breakfast.


11.30am – I check my emails. As part of the Law Society Committee, I help liaise with the graduate recruitment team of a sponsor, to help organise and promote events on campus. Currently, I am helping a firm organise a seminar on Banking & Finance, and answer their email to confirm attendance numbers of students.


12.30pm – After a quick lunch, I head to volunteering. For the last three years, I have been an Advice Support Worker for Citizens Advice Camden. In my capacity, I administrate the volunteer programme and manage public enquiries. Furthermore, I observe advice sessions and help welcome clients to the bureau.


It has been an extremely rewarding experience and I have developed a lot of skills. In fact, when I was applying for vacation schemes and training contracts, talking about my volunteering experience with Citizens Advice has been extremely useful in competency-based interviews.


3:00pm – I finish, and head to uni. I review my notes again. I find Jurisprudence really difficult and I am really keen to ace this in-class essay. As questions were provided beforehand, I find planning what I want to argue in my essay to be a useful preparation method. It will also be great practice for the exam.


4:00pm – I head to the Law Society meeting. We discuss how firm seminars are coming along, organise room bookings etc. As a Third Year Representative, I have the opportunity to represent my cohort in departmental meetings and have recently helped lobby for improved exam feedback systems. I also got to go to the Law Pub Quiz for free!


5:00pm – Jurisprudence essay time!


6:00pm – Finally, it’s time to head back home. I have a two-hour seminar tomorrow for International Protection of Human Rights, so I need to make headway on some readings.

12:00am – Sleep!

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