Welcome to the site of the LSESU Law Society. The Law Society is one of the largest and most active student societies at the LSE and welcomes all LSE students (both Law and Non-Law). 

We organise a variety of career events and workshops with professionals from a wide range of legal backgrounds. We also offer purely academic events with outside speakers. As a member you will be able to benefit from the pro bono, charity and mooting opportunities we organise - as well as attend some of the best social events of the year!


The Law Society is not only an excellent source of information for the university’s budding lawyers on law-related issues, it is also a platform for its members - providing support and representing their interests.


The excellent reputation of the Society means that there is never a lack of City Law firms, Chambers and other professionals willing and enthusiastic to share their experiences with our members.


To become a member and gain access to our official email newsletter please follow this link to the LSESU website: http://www.lsesu.com/activities/societies/society/6904/

For any other inquiries, please get in touch with us at law@lsesu.org 


We also strive to represent your best interests when liaising with the Law Department. The President and the Representative Sub-Committee act as the point of communication between students and the department and convey feedback at regular Student Staff Liaison Committee meetings (SSLC). In addition, the President meets and liaises regularly with the Law Department and LSE Careers on how students and the department can be drawn closer and to organise potential collaborations and events. 


The Law Society also holds a key presence at departmental events such as the First Year and Second Year Drinks reception at the start of the year and the Offer-Holder’s day to have an active role in helping law students settle in. Other collaborations also involve Pro Bono initiatives, such as working with the Department to organise conferences for the Widening Participation Programme and the Alison Wetherfield Programme (a widening access scheme for secondary school students) on campus, for which the Law Society now helps deliver workshops and holds Q & A sessions. 

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