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Academic Events as part of LSE Law Society involves organising events which appeal to both law and non law students.

Our Representative Subcommittee is organised to consist of two elected representatives from each year who collectively collate information for the Student Staff Liaison Committee meeting alongside the President of the Law Society. By doing this we are able to also work as an important point of contact to relay any concerns regarding the law syllabus or department with relevant professors and the administration once or twice each term.

We liaise closely with the Lawyers Alumni Group to organise events, and one of these in Michaelmas Term was "Careers in Human Rights" offering students interested in Human Rights Law an insight into potential careers.


The talk consisted of past LSE Alumni including Sara Chandler,  who is now a professor at South Bank University, past chair of Law Society's Human Rights Committee and winner of Human Rights Worker of the Year by UK Latin Community in 2014. Siobhan Lloyd of 1 Mitre Court Building, a Barrister specialising in Human Rights was on the panel, along with Mary Johnson a US admitted attorney who founded Fair Play Human Rights Consulting. Jeffrey Forrest chaired the talk, who is a LSE law graduate and consultant at Brian Harris & Co Solicitors.

Continuing the success of 2016/17, we held our second ever Academic Careers in Law event in November 2017. This year, we invited LSE academics Gerry Simpson and Insa Koch. The objective was to show students how academics at LSE Law came to be academics and what they are currently researching. While this event was held in what is ordinarily a very busy time for students, the talk was extremely popular and we had a full-house! This year, we are looking to include academic careers in our inaugural Law For All 2.0 conference.

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academic events

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