pro-bono division


Law School Law Works Challenge

➣Starts on the 23rd of September.

➢Involves coming up with new and innovative ways to fundraise for legal clinics all over London with a prize for the team that comes in First place! This year the LSE team comprises of 25+ passionate and driven students.


A discussion On Legal Aid: Across the Border

➢ Tentative date: End of Michaelmas Term.

➢With a distinct focus on India and Pakistan, we aim to invite legal practitioners from both sides of the border to discuss the difficulties associated with legal aid in the developing world. 


Walk the Thames: London Legal Trust:

➢ Takes place on the 19th of October.

➢The walk is a half marathon or full marathon where funds are raised to help marginalised groups obtain access to justice.

➢ The Pro-Bono Division will be putting together a team with the Law Department, get in touch to take part!


Collaborations and Volunteering Opportunities with Legal Clinics!

➢ Get involved with the Pro-Bono Division to get the opportunity to volunteer and get involved with different legal clinics all over London!

➢ Details to be announced soon!

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