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Hi everyone, I’m Dimitar, your Law Society Careers Officer for 2022/23!


This year, Law Society career events will be focussed on diversity, collaboration, and support. We will aim to further careers support and exposure for aspiring lawyers from underrepresented backgrounds, hold workshops for a diverse range of legal careers, increase collaboration between the different divisions of the Society, and provide further CV and application support. These will be done through workshops, skills sessions, panels, and conference style events! Details for the events we have lined up for the year will be available in the weekly Law Society newsletter. We hope to be able to support you in whichever career journey you decide to take! 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, feedback or if you want to talk about anything at all.

Best wishes,

Dimitar Mitkov



Know The City Legal Forum (KTC)

You’ve probably heard the term ‘commercial awareness’ thrown around a LOT!

This event is a combination of panels and Q&A sessions, delivered by legal professionals who work in the city, in order to demystify this term. We aim to provide you with an insight into the different practice areas and sectors which firms focus on, the state of the market, the pro-bono opportunities offered, informal networking, and so much more!


We encourage all those who plan to apply for workshops, vacation schemes and training contracts, to attend. By the end, you will be more than prepared for case study interviews and applications for a legal career in the city.


Meet the Vac Schemers

This event is a panel session, aimed at second years and third years. The panel will consist of third years who did vacation schemes over the summer, whether it be at Magic Circle, Silver Circle or International and US law firms. You will be able to get an invaluable insight into the application process, what the schemes entail, and of course, how to put yourself in the best position to secure a training contract at the end!


We hope that it provides you with a chance to prepare for your journey ahead, and perhaps be able to differentiate firms after speaking to our representatives.

Diversity & Inclusion in Commercial Law

We're inviting some of our sponsor firms to showcase their diversity networks and projects in a panel-style Q&A session, held in collaboration with our partners at Aspiring Solicitors. As one of the most international and diverse universities in the UK, we feel it is very important for us to highlight the journeys of those from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds within the legal industry.

We hope that regardless of what background you are from, this event will help you get a better picture of what a career in law could look like for you!

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