Pro-bono subcommittee

APPLICATIONS FOR PRO-BONO SUBCOMMITTEE ARE NOW OPEN!!. In order to apply please fill out this form

For more information contact: and Good-luck :)

1. Social Media Head ( 2)

Our Social Media Officers will be responsible for maintaining our social media presence.

→ If you are experienced in IT please specify as one of our chosen heads will be responsible for maintaining the website we share with LWOB.

→  It is the Social Media Officer’s responsibility to come up with innovative ways to ensure maximum engagement with our events and posts .

2. Events and Logistics

→  Events Head will be responsible for all logistical details pertaining to all of our events.

→This includes, but is not limited to, confirming venues, contacting speakers etc.

→The Position will also act as a fantastic opportunity to network with some of the leading practitioners in the Human Rights field.

3. Treasurer

→  Applicant selected as Treasurer will be responsible for allocating funds for each Event/Panel/ Social organized.

→ Applicants must be able to demonstrate a keen interest in money management and highlight all relevant experience in doing so.

4. LWOB Liaison Officer

→  The Appointed Liaison Officer will be working closely with the officer appointed by the LWOB’s LSE Student Division.

 → This position will involve working closely with one another and seeing how both social justice divisions can best complement each other’s work.

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