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Founded in 2019, For the Good was conceived to hold a mirror to the current discourse around the legal environment in the United Kingdom and beyond.


Our publication strives to move past the rigid formal legal discussions so as to engage a broader audience to discuss issue pertinent to not just legal professionals and students, but to lay people as well. The law permeates into every crevice of our lives and we seek to investigate the way in which it does so as to allow us all to better understand it and work to better it. Such a conversation cannot be limited to those within the profession but must seek to engage all which is what we have set out to do.


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Some recent topics include:

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The Issues with Race in America - And the Changes We Need to See.

By: Gisele Lo, Varsha Kanitkar

A Discussion on Public Inquiries and their Role in the Administrative Law

By: Dan Kirchlechner

Conference Recap: Religious Rights & Labor Rights in South East Asia

By: Debra Grace

In Conversation with: Malvika Jaganmohan


By: Varsha Kanitkar

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