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getting involved


LSE is a fantastic place for you to get involved in a range of different societies. With over 200 societies to choose from, you will never be bored! During Fresher’s Fair you will have the opportunity to meet people from all kinds of groups, who are involved in sports, music, drama, academia, culture, and much more. The SU organises “Give it a Go” sessions at the beginning of every term so you can try out various societies before committing.


While many societies are activity or event focused, many others have subcommittee or committee positions you can apply/run for, which will allow you to be involved firsthand in the operations of that society. For subcommittee positions, the application process normally varies. A committee position, however, is something you have to be elected into. All societies have the standard President, Treasurer and Secretary positions, but many others have other specialised positions. For example, the Law Society has 14 positions in the committee, social secretary, media officer, officers for charities, non-law events, academic events and bar events, as well as the mistress and master of moots, with an additional two year representatives per year group. If you decide to run for a committee position, you will likely be asked to submit a manifesto regarding why you are running for the position and/or give a speech at the AGM, which is when the election is held. Registered members of the society will then be able to vote various students into committee positions. Being a committee member can be taxing but also incredibly rewarding, so make sure you look into the societies you are interested to see what positions are open for elections, and talk to the right people to get a proper understanding of what particular positions entail.

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