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Introduction to the Pro Bono Division

Hello everyone!


We are so excited to have you at LSE. The Pro Bono Division is made up of individuals who are committed to making a tangible change in the society that we exist in. Our focus is, and has always been, on increasing access to justice for all.


Following our successful years in increasing awareness about pro bono work, our goal is to continue such momentum, especially in a place like LSE. Our programmes provide you an opportunity to give back to those around you, allowing you an opportunity to affect the lives of individuals. Whether you choose to enter into legal aid or decide on another career path, the support and skills we equip you hold relevant no matter your future profession.


Please do follow our Facebook page for updates so as to not miss out on any speaker events, involvement opportunities and more: If you have any questions or want to reach out directly, please email


We cannot wait to see you at all at our events!

An overview of the amazing work done by last year's Pro Bono Committee which we only hope to build upon!

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