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The LSESU Law Society strongly believes that it has a responsibility to contribute to the community’s well-being. As part of this commitment, the we organise a scheme called ‘Law for You’ that comprises of volunteers formed from the law student body providing presentations to Year 11s and 12s from various London boroughs about the study of and career opportunities in law. The scheme is unique in its focus and is designed specifically to encourage students to consider further education in law even if they have had little exposure to the field, and in the past we have had a great response from students and teachers alike.


The format of the scheme is a half day at a school where year 11s and 12s from across the borough would congregate. There would be an introductory presentation by LSE students on law, seminars in different areas such as criminal law, and a Q&A session with our students. We hope that you would consider joining us in this meaningful opportunity.

A sub-committee will be selected on the basis of interviews in Michaelmas Term.

contact Outreach officer MEGHA CHAND
for more info @

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