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The LSE Law Review is a student-run law journal seeking to provide a platform for high quality legal scholarship, with the ultimate aim of contributing to debates surrounding all areas of the law. Our Editorial Board is composed of LSE students from all years of study who are fully responsible for all editorial and organisational decisions in relation to the Review’s publication. We operate independently with the endorsement of LSE Department of Law.


The LSE Law Review welcomes submissions from every level of legal study and practice, including those from practitioners, educators, judges, and students.  Submissions should take the form of a case-note, a letter to the editor or an article, and are subject to a meticulous review process before publication.



The Obiter was the student journal organised by the LSESU Law Society between 2013-5. It was established with a view to fostering a strong academic ethos at the LSE. It reflects the tremendous interest that students have for the debates surrounding issues that can be found in the English law.


It has since been replaced by the LSE Law Review.

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