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Pro Bono Initiatives

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Pro Bono Quiz Night

Pro bono is not just about giving legal advice but it is about improving access to the law.


Our aim was to increase knowledge about what pro bono is, how you can get involved with programmes at LSE, but to do this in a fun + informal way


Packing Sessions with ILBF

ILBF is an organisation that sends textbooks to law schools around the world that cannot afford them.


The session was at the Royal Courts of Justice over Christmas.


This happened as a result of the Law School’s initial collaboration with ILBF in September, and so Pro Bono society has a working relationship with ILBF further to this

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Street Law

Street Law is a programme to:

  • Aid young people in our communities to become ‘legally literate’ in order to better understand their rights and responsibilities.

  • Allow a basic legal education to be more accessible to the wider community.

  • Spark an interest in the law and our democracy.

  • Encourage a critical & analytical outlook to foster social innovation in the next generation.

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Introduction to Street Law Programme:

  • The Street Law programme was set up by LSESU Law Society’s Pro Bono Division in 2020

  • Under this scheme, our students work with schools and community groups to increase access to legal knowledge where it may be limited, teaching non lawyers about law, the legal system and the fundamental principles of democracy

  • Through our interactive methodology, your students have the opportunity to put theory into practice and engage in informed discussion about a range of citizenship issues.

  • Our programme ensures that students develop their analytical and critical thinking skills, preparing them with a foundational understanding in law.

  • Students can also increase their employability, by referencing this programme in future CVs and applications.

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How long does the programme run for?

  • A minimum of three consecutive weeks, with each session being one hour long.


What material is taught on the programme?

  • Students cater their content to their unique interests and demographics of each individual school.

  • The curriculum will be carefully configured by us to include relevant, engaging and relatable content.

  • The content will be certified by LSE academic faculty before being presented to the school, who will also be providing supervision throughout the process.

Student Testimonials

"I have found that Street Law lessons are easy to follow , provide relatable and up-to-date content and keep the students engaged by using a variety of teaching methods. Each lesson has always led into more in-depth discussions with the students. I would highly recommend the Street Law programme for every school resource officer."​​

School Resource Officer on Street Law for Police and Teens

“All in all, a great programme, just the right level for our students and enjoyable."

Assistant headteacher of sixth form school, participant in our programme in 2020/21

“Overall the information given to me was very informative and useful”

“It was really good, ensuring everyone was involved and attentive throughout”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the entirety of the programme”

Student Participants of our 2021/22 programme


The Climate Crisis is Real, How Do We Make a Difference?

This event Included an informative panel discussion on the role of law and other disciplines in combatting the clime crisis, followed by an audience Q&A

  • Speakers included: Veerle Heyvaert (Associate Dean of the LSE Law School and Environmental Law Professor) and Tiffanie Chan (Research Assistant at LSE’s Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change)

  • This event was a continuation of some of the key themes of Pro Bono Week (November 2022)

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1) Fundraiser for a legal charity event in collaboration with LSE RAG for Free Representation Unit

  • Lent term week 5: 17th Feb 10:00am-1:00 pm


2) LSE x UCL x Cambridge Pro Bono Q&A session

  • This will be hosted in collaboration with Cambridge Law society and UCL law society

  • Lent term week 4: 9th Feb 6:30-9:00pm


3) IT Law Panel

  • Lent term week 8: 2pm-3:30pm, 10th March


4) Human Rights Law Panel

  • Lent term week 10: 21st March 6:30pm-8:00pm

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