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advice for your studies

how to: readings

  • Read the abstract, introduction and conclusion first - this way you know what the main points of the article are. Then you can go through the article fleshing out the details.

  • If you are given questions to consider alongside readings, read those first - it’ll also give you a guideline on what to look out for in your text.

  • Finally, use the lecture to guide your readings - normally, the readings will explore in greater depth the same material. If, however, there is an essential reading that isn’t mentioned in the lecture, read that first - that way, if you don’t get the other readings done, you still have a broad overview of the material.

how to: destress

  • First, understand that you’re not in this alone - chances are, most people are struggling to some extent. If possible, aim to break down workloads with friends.

  • Secondly, remember that your degree is only part of your university experience. Take the time to relax with your friends, explore London, and if it suits you, sign up to one of the many sports clubs and societies that LSE has to offer.

  • The Law Department established a Wellbeing Week last year, aimed at achieving mindfulness and ensuring law students' welfare. The week consisted of essay workshops, mindfulness classes, back rubs, and puppy-petting!

contact wellbeing officer Tereza Jakoubková to find out more @

study spaces

  • Library

  • Old Building 

  • Tower 2, 4th Floor

  • 32L (Lincoln’s Inn Fields) 

  • 8th Floor Meeting Rooms of the NAB - when they’re not in use, they’re open to students to study in!

  • Any of the cafés e.g. Café 54 (NAB); Garrick; Plaza Café (outside library)

  • The LLB Common Room on the 5th floor of NAB

  • Hoxton Hotel (High Holborn)

  • Caffè Nero (Kingsway) 

  • Soho Coffee Grind (Kingsway) 

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