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Webinars: Life at LSE as a Law Student and How You can Apply!

Hey everyone. The Outreach Team has put together a couple of webinars to help support you when applying to LSE Law School. 

We understand that not everyone has access to the same level of information. Firstly, we have given some insights into life at LSE Law School, to highlight the wide variety of students we attract, and the different journeys people have been on to get here. We also hope that those of you who have doubts about studying at LSE, feel like you can and should apply! Secondly, we give some of our own advice on the personal statement, LNAT, and a gap year. Although some parts are tailored to LSE, this is useful to anyone applying to a law degree in general.

We hope this helps you when applying to university! Feel free to reach out to us on Instagram, @lsesulawoutreach.

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