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Degree Advice

Navigating Readings


  • The questions that your course convener provides tend to help guide your readings. Be sure to read those first to understand what the key takeaways from each week should be about.

  • Use the lecture to guide your readings. The lectures tend to provide an overview of what is required and the readings will explore key details in greater depth. Paying attention in lectures can also help you pick up on what the lecturer wants you to hone in on.

  • Utilise your office hours! Your professors are at LSE for a reason — to guide you through your degree. Make use of all the contact hours you can if you don’t understand the material.



Navigating Stress


  • Remember that you are not alone. Your peers will be going through the same degree and your seniors would have been in your shoes recently. Reach out to them to talk about anything you are struggling with!

  • Remember that your degree is only one component of the entire university experience. This is a place where you are likely to make lifelong friendships and explore new interests. Remember that a good work/life balance is important for your mental health!

  • Talk to our Wellbeing Officer! Or any of the committee members for that matter. We are all happy to help you navigate this tough degree.

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