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Lawyers Without Borders is an international non-profit organisation that harnesses the work of lawyers around the world towards rule of law, capacity building, and access to justice initiatives. 


In our capacity as LSE’s student division of the parent organisation LWOB, we are committed to promoting the same fundamental principles as our namesake. Our past projects include transcribing anti-slavery manuscripts, and we plan on creating more volunteering opportunities for students to promote the significance of the rule of law. 


We host events which provide a multi-stakeholder platform for students to gain insight into environmental and social sustainability issues from legal professionals at the top of their respective fields, whether in the ESG sector or human rights. Members can also attend our enjoyable socials throughout the year!  


Another way to get involved with LWOB is through editing and writing for the Rule of Law Journal, a publication we run which aims to shed a light on social justice issues within the law and critique the current framework in which the legal realm functions. The journal is a manifestation of LWOB’s broader purpose to encourage critical and multifaceted discourse about sustainability and legal remedies, amongst the student cohort.


To stay updated on LWOB’s incoming projects, opportunities and news, have a look at our socials: @lselwob on Instagram and join our WhatsApp group chat!

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