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Welcome to the LSE Law Review

The LSE Law Review is a student-run law journal seeking to provide a platform for high-quality legal scholarship, with the aim of contributing to debates pertaining to all areas of the law. Our Editorial Board is composed of LSE students from all years of study who are fully responsible for all editorial and organisational decisions in relation to the Review’s publication. We work independently, albeit with the endorsement, of the LSE Law School.


The breakdown of our board is as follows:

  • The 'Articles' Editors: These editors review, edit, and select external submissions (4,000 - 20,000 words) for our academic journal.

  • The 'Notes' Editors: These editors review, edit, and select external and internal submissions (4,000 words or less) for our blog. It is key to note that these editors will produce their own pieces of writing with a view to be published on the LSE Law Review.

  • The 'Publications' Editors: These editors act as the gateway between author and editor and facilitates all correspondence between both parties. They are also responsible for the thorough copyediting of all pieces set to be published.

  • The 'Liaison' Officers: These officers communicate and coordinate with external parties to negotiate partnerships and host events for members of the Editorial Board.


All members of the Editorial Board are overseen by the Editor-in-Chief.


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